Windows, Doors & Conservatories

Windows, doors & conservatories

All our windows are all A-rated, look beautiful and keep you warm and cosy throughout the winter months. Being A-rated,  you will save a significant amount of money on heating bills, while transforming your house into a home.

All our top-quality A-rated windows come with the following specifications:
  • Full 70mm grade 1 UPVC multi-chamber construction with 3mm outer walls for maximum strength
  • All frames feature high heat welded corners
  • Transoms and mullions are v-notched welded to form a complete weather proof crucifix joint
  • All frames are reinforced for extra strength to manufacturer's recommendations
  • Night vents as standard
  • Fire escape hinges where needed as standard
  • Internally glazed as standard
  • Multi point locking as standard
  • Low level sight line gaskets as standard
  • Argon gas filled 28mm double glazed units with planitherm coatings and warm edge spacer bar 
  • Certass registeredcertass logo

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 All our doors have multi-point claw-locking with 5 lever dead bolts as standard.

All backed by a 10 year insurance backed warranty and installed by trusted and experienced tradesman.
  • We don't offer massive unbelievable discounts (loaded price list)
  • We don't do gimmicks (fancy sales tactics)
  • We don't constantly call you after a quotation (you decide if you want to use us or not) 
  • We don't have commission only based sales people
  • We do offer the same quality as the big companies but without the pushy sales people
  • We do offer the very best price on the first visit (not days later)
  • We do care about our customers
  • We do offer a full backup service
  • We do supply only top-quality windows and doors (not low quality which will fail sooner or later) 

Why choose a conservatory glass roof?


Pilkington Activ™ Blue is an attractive blue glass that combines dual-action, self-cleaning properties with medium solar control performance helping to create a cooler internal environment which can be used all year round.

Pilkington Activ™ Bronze is an alternative option to the popular blue body tinted glass.

Glass from the Pilkington Activ™ range can be used in a variety of commercial and residential applications, including doors, windows, roof-lights, glass facades, conservatories and orangeries. Its self-cleaning properties make it ideal for use in hard-to-reach places that are difficult to clean.

Over the past decade the increase in popularity of glass roofs in conservatories and orangeries has led to glass from the Pilkington Activ™ range being the ideal solution to create an additional living area that can be utilised all year round. 

The unique colour helps to keep internal temperatures cooler whilst still maintaining excellent light transmittance, low light reflection and high energy absorption.

How It Works

The unique dual-action self-cleaning coating is located on the external pane of glass.

The coating has revolutionay photo-catalytic and hydrophilic properties, and works in two stages:
  • Stage 1 - The coating reacts with natural daylight to break down and loosen organic dirt.
  • Stage 2 - When it rains, instead of forming droplets, the water spreads evenly over the surface of the glass, helping to wash away any dirt and reduce streaking.


  • Self-cleaning properties reduce the need for manual cleaning, saving water and eliminating potentially harmful run-off from expensive detergents, also increasing personal safety
  • Additional medium performance solar control properties, reducing solar heat entering the building, enhancing comfort and reducing the need for cooling the building
  • Attractive blue or bronze body tinted glass, perfect for roof glazing, enhancing the view from inside to outside
  • Good light transmission
  • Low exterior reflection, improving aesthetics of the building
  • Works even on cloudy days and during the night
  • Highly durable pyrolytic on-line coating that lasts the lifetime of the glass.
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